Functional Safety and Evolvable Architectures for Autonomy

Rolf Johansson, Jonas Nilsson, Carl Bergenhem, Sagar Behere, Jörgen Tryggvesson, Stig Ursing, Andreas Söderberg, Martin Törngren, and Fredrik Warg

Chapter in Book: Automated Driving Safer and More Efficient Future Driving, Editors: Daniel Watzenig and Martin Horn, ISBN 978-3-319-31893-6 ,Springer, September 2016.


Summary: This chapter presents some of the early results from the Swedish national-funded project FUSE. This project address a few of the questions needed to be addressed in the area of functional safety and E/E architectures, in order to enable autonomous vehicles. We conclude that the international standard for functional safety for road vehicles ISO 26262 needs to be updated in order to cover autonomous vehicles, and we give some suggestions to improvement. We also conclude that the issues of functional safety and E/E architectures are highly interconnected especially on the higher levels of abstraction, and we give recommendations for a functional architecture pattern suitable for highly automated vehicles.