Presentations at the FUSE Final Seminar

FUSE scope - the journey, Rolf Johansson
Autonomous driving: an outlook, Azra Habibović
FFI Project Born To Drive - Autonomous Transport from a logistic perspective today and tomorrow, Malin Veteli
Overview of Regulations for Autonomous Vehicles, Anders Eugensson
User Challenges in Autonomous Driving, Jan Nilsson
FUSE Safe transitionsof resposability in highly automated driving
FUSE How to make a complete hazard analysis and risk assessment for autonomous vehicles, Fredrik Warg&Jörgen Tryggvesson
FFI Research project ANTWaY, Johan Tofeldt
FUSE Evolving or disrupting EE architectures for autonomous vehicles, Martin Törngren
ARCHER- Safety and architecture for autonomous heavy vehicles, Viktor Kaznov
Thoughts on the Future of the Automotive Electronic Architecture, Martin Hiller
FUSE A functional safety concept of autonomous cars
Safety validation of self-driving cars, Daniel Åsljung
From continous integration to continous experimentation for automated driving, Christian Berger
FUSE Correctness and completeness in requirement engineering, Jörgen Tryggvesson& Anders Werneman
FUSE Don't believeve what you read on Internet: Why self-driving cars don't have to choose whom to kill