How to Reach Complete Safety Requirement Refinement for Autonomous Vehicles.

Carl Bergenhem, Jörgen Tryggvesson, Rolf Johansson, Andreas Söderberg, Martin Törngren, Jonas Nilsson and Stig Ursing

CARS 2015 - Critical Automotive applications: Robustness & Safety, September 2015.



Abstract: The introduction of highly automated driving and autonomous road vehicles will imply new functional safety challenges. The higher complexity and the partly implicit definition of the tasks for the E/E systems will make it harder to argue completeness and correctness of the safety requirements in each phase of the ISO 26262 lifecycle. This paper discusses the new situation in terms of an increasing semantic gap, and recommends to perform more safety refinement steps. As a consequence, ISO 26262 should be amended with activities prescribing new refinements levels.