Note: This project has concluded and the page is in archival state, see the follow-up project ESPLANADE for more recent activities.

FUSE project scope

The FUSE project focuses on system architectures and functional safety for autonomous road vehicles. Current automotive systems and functional safety standards are evolving, but have so far only considered autonomy to a limited extent. This implies that further investigations are urgently needed. Functional safety considerations and the scalability and cost-efficiency of architectures represent potential blocking factors for introducing new autonomy functions.
The FUSE project addresses the identified autonomy related problems by:
- Developing an understanding of limitations of current architectures and safety standards.
- Developing requirements for autonomy considering safety and architecture.
- Creating guidelines and update suggestions for ISO26262.
- Creating a reference architecture

The FUSE project is a collaboration between Comentor, KTH, Qamcom, Semcon, SP and Volvo Cars and is partly financed by Vinnova through the FFI program Vehicle and Traffic Safety. The project runs from Q4 2013 to Q3 2016 and has a budget of 13 MSEK.

FUSE leaflet

In this report (16 pages) we summarise the results of the FUSE project.

FUSE leaflet

FUSE final seminar

Friday September 23rd 2016, Volvo Cars - PVH, Göteborg


In this seminar some of the main results of the project was presented.  Several research activities outside FUSE in the fields of safety, architecture and autonomous driving also presented related results. The seminar had stimulating discussions between research groups in areas like:


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