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About the Project

The ESPLANADE project targets the complex question of showing that an autonomous road vehicle is safe. This problem is significantly different from safety argumentation for manually driven vehicles. Since the automated driving system (ADS) has complete control of the vehicle in autonomous mode, part of its function must be to drive safely. There are a number of methodological problems that need to be mastered in order to find out how to perform safety argumentation for the ADS. The scope of this project is to solve these problems.

The project has a duration of three years, starting January 1st 2017 and ending December 31st 2019 and is partly financed by Vinnova through the FFI program, a partnership between the Swedish government and the automotive industry.


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Academic Publications

Title Author(s) Conference/Journal
A Strategy for Assessing Safe Use of Sensors in Autonomous Road Vehicles Rolf Johansson, Samieh Alissa, Staffan Bengtsson, Carl Bergenhem, Olof Bridal, Anders Cassel, DeJiu Chen, Martin Gassilewski, Jonas Nilsson, Anders Sandberg, Thomas Söderqvist, Stig Ursing, Fredrik Warg, Anders Werneman SAFECOMP 2017
A Model-based Approach to Dynamic Self-Assessment for Automated Performance and Safety Awareness of Cyber-Physical Systems DeJiu Chen, Zhonghai Lu IMBSA 2017
Introducing ASIL Inspired Dynamic Tactical Safety Decision Framework for Automated Vehicles Siddartha Khastgir, Anders Sandberg, Gunwant Dhadyalla, Håkan Sivencrona, Peter Billing, Stewart Birrell, Paul Jennings ITSC 2017
Safe Transitions Between a Driver and an Automated Driving System (free access pdf) Rolf Johansson, Jonas Nilsson, Annika Larsson International Journal of Advances in Systems and Measurement, vol 10, numbers 3-4, 2017
Signal Feature Analysis for Dynamic Anomaly Detection of Components in Embedded Control Systems Xin Tao, DeJiu Chen, Juan Sagarduy DepCoS 2018
Design of a Knowledge-Base Strategy for Capability-Aware Treatment of Uncertainties of Automated Driving Systems DeJiu Chen, Kenneth Östberg, Matthias Becker, Håkan Sivencrona, Fredrik Warg WAISE 2018
Enabling Tomorrow's Road Vehicles by Service-Oriented Platform Patterns Rolf Johansson, Rikard Andersson, Markus Dernevik European Congress Embedded Software and Real-time Systems, ERTS2 2018
A Business Model for selling components with safety certificates Carl Bergenhem, Daniel Skarin, Fabian Wenger, Rolf Johansson The Safety-Critical Systems Club, Seminar: COTS, Legacy and Reuse - poster session, 2018
Argument Patterns for Multi-Concern Assurance of Connected Automated Driving Systems Fredrik Warg, Martin Skoglund The 4th International Workshop on Security and Dependability of Critical Embedded Real-Time Systems (CERTS 2019), July 2019.
Continuous Deployment for Dependable Systems with Continuous Assurance Cases Fredrik Warg, Hans Blom, Jonas Borg, Rolf Johansson The 9th IEEE International Workshop on Software Certification (WoSoCer 2019), October 2019.


Title Presenter Venue
Legal aspects and safety requirements for developing increasingly autonomous vehicles Rolf Johansson ISO 26262 Improving safety of advanced mobility
Frankfurt, Germany, 2017-03-28
Förarlösa bilar - Varför kan vi lita på dem? Rolf Johansson Vetenskapsfestivalen
Göteborg, Sweden, 2017-05-10
Safety Challenges for Self-driving Cars Jonas Nilsson Vehicle Electronics & Connected Services
Göteborg, Sweden, 2017-05-10
Case study: Autoliv's learning intelligent vehicle Annika Larsson IQPC HMI Cockpit EUROPE
Düsseldorf, Germany, 2017-05-17
Arguing Safe HMI for Automated Drive Rolf Johansson IQPC HMI Cockpit EUROPE
Düsseldorf, Germany, 2017-05-17
Developing a Common Safety Methodology for Autonomous Vehicles Rolf Johansson Systemite Summer Conference
Göteborg, Sweden, 2017-06-15
Next Generation Safety Systems: Coding for Morality Rolf Johansson Autonomous Vehicles
Silicon Valley, February 2018
ODD Patterns for Efficient Testing of AD Safety Requirements Rolf Johansson Testing ADAS & Self Driving CARS
Düsseldorf, March 2018
Operational Capability and Tactical Decisions vs SOTIF when going from ADAS to AD Rolf Johansson 8th Annual Conference Improving safety of advanced mobility
Düsseldorf, March 2018
Arguing Safe HMI for Automated Drive Rolf Johansson Vehicle Electronics & Connected Services (VECS)
Gothenburg, April 2018
Safety Argumentation for ADS Rolf Johansson EWICS-Workshop on Dependability of Autonomous Systems
Munich, April 2018
A Pattern for Enabling Continuous Development of Automated Vehicles Rolf Johansson International Safety Assessor meeting
London, May 2018
Agreements of an Automated Driving System Martin Skoglund SafeComp 2018 fast abstract session
Västerås, Sweden, 2018-09-19
A Pattern for Enabling Continuous Development of Automated Vehicles Rolf Johansson ETAS Connections
Stuttgart, October 2018
Sensor meta data to enable safe autonomous driving Rolf Johansson 4th Automotive Sensors & Electronics Summit
Munich, February 2019
Safety Arguing of Automated Driving Systems Rolf Johansson The SOTIF conference - Functional safety for highly automated & autonomous driving
Munich March 2019
Modular contract-based safety argumentation for reused applications and higher speed on the feature level safety case Rolf Johansson 9th annual International Conference ISO 26262
Munich, March 2019


Event Time and Place
Joint Workshop ESPLANADE and SMILE projects Göteborg, 2017-05-11
Safety of Advanced CPS - SAFECOP & ESPLANADE Joint workshop Stockholm, 2017-09-19

Contact Us

Name Email Partner Affiliation
Fredrik Warg (coordinator) fredrik.warg@ri.se RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Murat Erdogan murat.erdogan@veoneer.com Veoneer
Ola Örsmark ola.orsmark@comentor.se Comentor
Anders Sandberg anders.sandberg@aptiv.com Aptiv
De-Jiu Chen chen@md.kth.se KTH Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan
Stig Ursing stig.ursing@semcon.com Semcon Sweden
Jan Söderberg jan.soderberg@systemite.se Systemite
Thomas Söderqvist thomas.soderqvist@volvo.com Volvo Group
Carl Bergenhem carl.bergenhem@qamcom.se Qamcom Research and Technology
Magnus Gyllenhammar magnus.gyllenhammar@zenuity.com Zenuity


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